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Stretch Those Costly Salon Visits With These Great Tips

As much as we at elie love freshening up our looks, all those costly trips to the hairdressers can soon start adding up. Here are some great ways to stretch out the time in between visits and still keep your hair looking great!

Avoid shorter looks Short hair requires regular trims to keep it in shape, so go for a mid or longer length to reduce your number of visits to the hairdressers. It’s also a good idea to choose a style that doesn’t require a lot of styling, such as minimal layering or blunt ends.

Look after your locks By taking care of your hair you can avoid split ends and breakage – two of the main things that require visits to your local salon. Remember not to wash your hair too frequently and to use regular hair treatments.

Become your own glam squad Forking out €40 every time you need your hair styled for a big night out can add up to quite the sum over the long term. Instead, why not invest the cost of less than one salon trip in buying yourself a good straightener? Our Elie Slim Straighteners can give you a sleek poker straight look, a high volume up do or even a head full of bouncy curls. Perfect for every occasion.

Learn to manage your roots If regrowth is a concern for you, try to learn how to do touch-ups at home. Alternatively, quick fixes such as using hair mascara or headbands can be a great solution between salon visits.

Choose a hair colour that will last By going for sun-kissed highlights or an ombré look, roots and colour fade aren’t such an issue. If highlights aren’t for you, try going for a solid tone that’s no more than two shades outside your natural hair colour. This will make sure any regrowth or fading looks more natural.

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