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Tips to reduce hair breakage

There are lots of reasons your hair may fall out or that you have hair strands that break easily. The reasons are generally harmless, or just simply poor hair care.

If you are experiencing subtle hair loss then these simple hair care tips may help to reduce hair fall and breakage.


- Try to wash your hair no more than twice a week. This will help to cut back on how much your hair is handled.

- Use a good quality hair styling products such as our elie Ionic straighteners. Our Ionic hair straighteners use ionic technology which is the process of removing negative ions from your hair, meaning you’re hair becomes hydrated and smoothed, as ionic technology repairs your hair by neutralizing the positive ions in your hair.

- When it comes to the use of chemicals to dye or relax your hair, the less frequently you use these products, the better. If you can’t give them up completely, try to stretch the time between processes to 8 to 10 weeks.

- When possible choose hair products that use the most natural ingredients. They will help to avoid overloading hair with chemicals.

- Remove split ends with regular hair cuts. Left untreated, spilt ends will work their way up your hair shaft and cause breakage.

- If you tie your hair up, make sure that you use cloth hair elastics that don’t have any metal pieces that could snag on your hair.

- It’s a good idea to remember when styling your hair to not tie your hair back too tightly. This avoids putting pressure on your scalp and strands and helps to avoid them breaking.

- Remove any knots from your hair before shampooing. This will stop your hair becoming even more tangled when washing, and will reduce the likelihood of your strands snapping when you brush your hair after washing.

- Treat your locks from the inside out by ensuring a diet in healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruit, and always remember to drink lots of water.

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