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5 steps to thicker hair

We all long for fuller locks and it seems we will do anything to get thicker hair. From costly food supplements to specially formulated scalp treatments – the list is endless. Whether it’s stress related or simply down to age, thinning hair can really affect your confidence. So, how can we achieve thicker hair without snapping our strands or draining our bank accounts?

You don’t need to be a hairstylist to put our elie top tips into practice and even better – they won’t cost you a fortune!

1. Use volume sprays

Volume sprays are so easy to use and offer instant results. These easy to use sprays add thickness to your roots, simply shake the can and apply to completely dry hair. Hold the can upright and spray – you can control the amount of volume you would like. Choose a spray with silica silylate as this ensures no damage to your hair. This ingredient has significant anti-ageing benefits for fine or thinning hair, it creates a thickening result for the hair fibres, creating the illusion of natural thickness.

2. Let your hair loose This may sound funny, but constantly wearing your hair in a ponytail or updo can pull your hair back causing strain to your roots, and hence hair breakage. Looser styles offer your hair a rest and will help to prevent further damage.

3. Use your hairdryer the right way

Heat is a factor for thinning hair – if used incorrectly hairdryers can damage the hair shaft and make the hair more vulnerable. After you wash your hair make sure to gently pat your hair with a towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Then blow-dry to get a smooth finish without subjecting your hair to a lengthy blast of heat. Also make sure to choose a high quality hair dryer. Our Elie PRO Ionic hair dryer has a cool shot button which emits an efficient but gentle drying temperature. The Ionic air stream styling technology allows you to give volume, bounce and texture whilst simultaneously nourishing and protecting the hair. You can get yours here:

4. Choose natural hair products

Make sure to take a look at the ingredients in the shampoos you buy – it can be confusing but there’s a chance that the chemicals in your hair products may be causing harm to your hair. Natural and organic hair products omit chemicals that can strip the natural goodness from your hair shaft and scalp. The best known offenders are sulphate, PPD and parabens, so ensure to choose products that do not contain these ingredients.

5. Lose the layers

It can be tempting to opt for a heavily layered haircut in the hope that it will spur your hair to ‘fluff’ up and look more voluminous. Sadly, the exact opposite is true and choosing layers will inevitably lead to thinner and in fact lackluster locks. If you have layers the best thing to do is to grow those layers out and aim for a one-length ’ hair-do with some shaping around the jawline to encourage movement.

So, while thinning hair can get you down, please don’t let it get the better of you. Try our simple tips, aim to reduce your stress levels and prepare for the arrival of your fuller thicker hair.

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