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Curl your hair and make it last

With the never ending list of rollers, wands, and stylers on the market you would imagine by now that to curl your hair would be simple. The truth is many of us still struggle to make a curl last more than a few minutes not to mention for a whole day.

Thankfully there are some easy ways to stop curls from dropping or loosening out completely.

Change the State Going from wet to dry or from hot to cold is a great way to make a curl your hair and make it stay. To do a wet set, wash and towel-dry hair, add your favourite holding product, then create your curls with velcro or bendy rollers (don’t use tongs or heated tools on wet hair).

Always Use Product Getting straight hair to go curly and more importantly to stay curly, requires a helping hand. If you are styling with hot tools you’ll firstly need a heat protector and then select a holding product that will give added oomph. If you hair is naturally straight make sure to choose an extra firm setting lotion.

Leave Your Rollers In For as Long as Possible If you’re looking for retro waves and styles that require lots of body, rollers should be your go-to tool. A lot of advice you’ll read will suggest leaving rollers in for only 10-20 minutes. While this is ok if you’re just looking for a little volume, if you want curls that last through a wedding or big event, then you need to let your hot rollers cool completely, which could take a couple of hours. Aim to plan ahead and keep your rollers in as long as you can.

Adjust Your Cut If you have long or very thick hair, you’ll probably struggle to get your curl to stay in place. The longer your hair is, the harder it’ll be to get a curl to stay in. You may find that the lengths will fall flat. There are a few options you can choose to avoid this happening.

1. Choose a layered hairstyle to reduce weight and you should find that these shorter sections curl better. 2. Cut your hair a few inches shorter. Very long hair will not curl easily if it’s naturally straight. 3. Finally, if going shorter isn’t an option for you, try twisting wet hair into a bun and sleeping on it. When you let it loose, your hair will sit in full, bouncy curls.

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