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Our elie mini straightener is in marie claire's best list - again!!!

We at elie headquarter's are so pleased to again have been included in marie claire’s ‘10 best travel straighteners’ this week. Thank you marie claire you’ve made our day. We are especially pleased because our elie mini is one of the cheapest straighteners on the list at only £19.90.

The most expensive in this list goes up to a whopping £125. And guess what – both straighteners are made with the same ceramic technology!!

Instead of spending millions on branding we put our money into making high quality products at a price affordable to you.

If that’s not a good enough reason for you to choose our mini straightener this summer here are 5 simple reasons why our mini straightener is your perfect handbag companion…

1. This bestselling mini straightener is made with ceramic technology which is good news for you because this makes sure your hair is kept as protected and healthy as possible whilst creating silky smooth and shiny hair.

2. This Mini straightener comes with a heat resistant pouch ideal for travel and for ultimate accessibility.

3. The Mini straightener is perfect for those on the go, and while petite this straightener maintains the same high standards found in all Elie products.

4. Our mini straightener can go with you anywhere and can easily slip into most handbags. It’s only 20cm in length and is lightweight, weighing only 250g.

5. This mini straightener is made with ceramic technology to ensure the heat is maintained and distributed throughout the entire heat plate, allowing hair to flow smoothly through the straightener.

If all those reasons aren’t enough, just give them a try… because marieclaire said so ☺

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